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Tropical Storm Ida Recovery

Division of Purchase and Property

Approved Sole Source Waivers Exceeding $500,000

ID Vendor Approval Date Description Amount
ID Vendor Approval Date Description Amount
AO-012 New Meridian 10.14.20 To meet federal ESSA requirements for annual assessments in Math and English Language Arts $6,025,078
AO-009 Verizon NJ 12.8.20 Verizon 911 $13,000,000
AO-014 Various (CenturyLink/Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph/Alteva of Warwick) 12.2.20 Certified Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC 911) $678,867
AO-016 Various (CenturyLink/PTS Providers/AT&T/Verizon NJ/NLETS/Alteva of Warwick) 12.2.20 Telecommunications $15,000,000
AO-033 Global Tel Link 1.5.21 Inmate Telephone Services in lieu of visitation due to COVID-19 $1,320,000
AO-034 First Data Government Solutions 1.8.21 Maintenance, Rollover, Enhancements for AssetNet Program $801,788.10
AN-049 National Main Street Center 6.6.20 To allow Local Planning Services and the New Jersey Main Street Program to enter an agreement with National Main Street Center, to provide technical services $800,000

Last Updated: Monday, 04/19/21