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Division of Taxation

2020 Income Tax Returns

Prior Year Gross Income Tax Forms

Income Tax Return Filing Options Software Vendors - Other Forms Notice to Software Vendors Estimated Tax Forms for Nonresident Sellers of Real Property in New Jersey

Return Number Return Name Type
NJ-1040 Instructions for Line 52 - Shared Responsibility Payment
NJ-1040 NJ Resident Income Tax Return
NJ-1040 Instructions for the NJ-1040
NJ-1040 Schedule NJ-BUS-1
NJ-1040 Schedule NJ-BUS-2
NJ-1040V NJ Gross Income Tax Payment Voucher
NJ-1040NR Nonresident Income Tax Return
NJ-1040NR Instructions for NJ-1040NR
NJ-1040NR Schedule NJ-BUS-1
NJ-1040NR Schedule NJ-BUS-2
NJ-1040NR NJ Gross Income Tax Nonresident Payment Voucher
NJ-1041 Fiduciary Return Form
NJ-1041 Schedule NJ-BUS-1
NJ-1041 Schedule NJ-BUS-2
NJ-1041 Instructions for NJ-1041
NJ-1041SB Fiduciary Return Electing Small Business Trust and Instructions
NJ-1041-V Fiduciary Return Payment Voucher
NJ-1080C Nonresident Composite Return and Schedules A and B
NJ-1080C Instructions for the NJ-1080A NJ-1080B NJ-1080C and NJ-1080E
NJ-1080C Who's Eligible to File Composite Returns?
NJ-1080C - Diskette Specifications Directory General Diskette Specifications - Participant & Nonparticipant Directory
NJ-1080C - Diskette Specifications Directory Record Layout and Description - Excel Spreadsheet
NJ-1080C - Diskette Specifications Directory Record Layout and Description - Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
NJ-1080C - Diskette Specifications Directory Record Layout and Description - Standard Format
NJ-1080E Election to Participate in Composite Return
NJ-1040-ES Estimated Tax Voucher for 2020
NJ-1040-ES Instructions for NJ-1040ES
NJ-1040-O E-File Opt-Out Request Form
NJ-630 Application for Extension of Time to File NJ Gross Income Tax Return
NJ-1040 HCC Health Care Coverage – Required
NJ-1040X Amended Resident Return Form
NJ-1040X Amended Resident Return Instructions
NJ-2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals and Instructions
NJ-2210-NR Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Nonresident Individuals
NJ-2440 Statement in Support of Exclusion for Amounts Received Under Accident and Health Insurance Plan For Personal Injuries or Sickness
NJ-2450 Employee's Claim for Credit for Excess WD/HC and Disability Contributions for Calendar Year
GIT-DEP Gross Income Tax Depreciation Adjustment Worksheet
GIT-317 Sheltered Workshop Tax Credit
GIT-327 New Jersey Gross Income Tax Film and Digital Media Tax Credit
501-GIT New Jersey Gross Income Tax Domestic Production Activities Deduction
NJ-165 Employee's Certificate of Non-Residence in New Jersey
C-4267 Employee's Substitute Wage and Tax Statement
Schedule NJ-BUS-1 Business Income Summary Schedule
Schedule NJ-BUS-2 Alternative Business Calculation Adjustment
NJ-W4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
NJ-W-4P Certificate of Voluntary Withholding of Gross Income Tax from Pension and Annuity Payments
NJ-W-3M Reconciliation of Tax Withheld
PA Form REV-419 EX Employee's Nonwithholding Application Certificate
DCC-1 Request for Copies of Previously Filed Tax Returns
Schedule COJ Credit for Income of Wage Taxes Paid to Other Jurisdiction
Schedule DOP & Schedule NJ-WCC Net Gains or Income from Disposition of Property & Wounded Warrior Caregivers Credit
NJ-1040-HWI Property Tax Credit Application and Wounded Warrior Caregivers Credit Application Instructions
NJ-1040-HW Property Tax Credit Application and Wounded Warrior Caregivers Credit Application


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