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Information on
Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus is still active in NJ. Wear a mask. Keep a 6ft. distance in public

NJ Poison Control Center and 211 provide COVID-19 information: Call: 2-1-1; Call (24/7); 1-800-962-1253; Text: NJCOVID to 898-211; More Information:
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Division of Taxation

COVID-19 Related Tax Information
Information about the Federal Economic Impact Payment – Stimulus Check
Important Information About Retail COVID-19 Fees and Sales Tax

Taxpayer Accounting Branch

The Taxpayer Accounting Branch (TPA) reviews refund or credit requests. TPA also issues bills for underpayments of tax, penalties, and interest.

TPA Units

TGI Correspondence and Review Units examine Individual Income Tax returns to correct processing errors. They review and process documents sent to the Division as a result of a Notice of Adjustment. The Correspondence Unit also receives, reviews, and responds to emails sent to the Division.

Business Tax/Delinquency Unit examines over 20 different tax returns required to be filed by businesses. The unit corrects processing errors and reviews correspondence. They review and approve bills for all of the tax types. The unit is also responsible for answering all Business Tax emails.

Partnership Tax Unit reviews and corrects processing errors for single and multi-tiered partnerships. The unit also reviews sends refunds or bills.

Earned Income Tax Credit Unit reviews Personal Income Tax returns claiming a New Jersey Earned Income Tax Credit. The unit issues letters requesting documentation and adjusts accounts. The unit works with multiple sources including the Internal Revenue Service to verify claimant wage and business income as well as dependents to approve the correct credit amount.

Property Tax Relief Programs Unit resolves problems related to the State?s Homestead Benefit, Property Tax Deduction/Credit, and Senior Freeze (PTR). The unit reviews pending Homestead Benefit claims, Property Tax Deduction/Credit adjustments, and Senior Freeze (PTR) applications; adjusts accounts; and approves payments for eligible applicants. The unit contacts homeowners to obtain information that was missing from the original applications and resolves account errors and omissions based on the documentation provided.

Support Unit processes incoming mail for the Branch and redeposits returned checks.

To contact TPA for general inquiries, do so by mail:

State of New Jersey
Division of Taxation
PO Box 046
Trenton, NJ 08646-0046

Note: When you receive a letter from the Taxpayer Accounting Branch, you should respond to the address on the notice. This ensures that your response gets to the proper department. If you respond to the general mailbox, it may take longer for your documents to be reviewed. For many of our notices, you may upload your response through our New Jersey Online Response Service (NJ ONRS).

Last Updated: Wednesday, 05/06/20