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Division of Purchase and Property

Notice of Intent to Participate in Cooperative Contract - Gasoline and Fuel Credit Cards Services

Notice is hereby given that the State of New Jersey intends to enter into a publically advertised cooperative purchasing agreement for gasoline and fuel credit cards services to replace the existing State contracts for fuel credit card services provided under contracts A58885 and A58886 Credit Card, Fuel, Various, which expire on September 13, 2014.

Information regarding the contract may be found on the Texas Education Service Center-Region 19 Allied State Cooperative (ASC) website.

The State of New Jersey anticipates joining the ASC contract in August of 2014.  The State of New Jersey expects to award a contract to Fleetcard, Inc. d/b/a Impac Fleet.

The Texas Education Service Center-Region 19 Allied State Cooperative contract has an original term of May 13, 2013 through May 31, 2014, with an option of four (4) one-year extension periods.  The contract entered into its first extension period on June 1, 2014.

Under N.J.S.A. 52:34-6.2, the State of New Jersey is authorized to join competitively bid and awarded cooperative purchasing agreements.

Note that the comment period ends with the close of business on August 20, 2014.

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