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Division of Property Management and Construction

Term Contract

The DPMC may engage consultants for Term Contracts pursuant to the procedures set forth in N.J.A.C. 17:19-3 for small and medium sized design and construction projects. These procedures are similar to those of a major selection in that the process is competitive and the most qualified firms will be selected to submit fee proposals. The Term Contract shall apply to a particular area of interest or expertise and/or geographical location.

Expressions of interest will be solicited from interested firms and Term Contracts will be awarded to those prequalified firms deemed to meet the requirements of the Term Contract. Contract awards will be made in a manner similar to the major contract process. Firms will be evaluated and scored based on the pre-established evaluation criteria and ranked, with a final award being negotiated with the highest ranked firm(s) at a fair and reasonable compensation as determined by the Selection Committee.

Last Updated: Monday, 06/10/19