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Division of Property Management and Construction

Routine Contracts

The majority of DPMC's projects will be small to intermediate in size having design and construction administration fees up to $400,000. The procedure for the selection of Professional Consultants for routine projects will be similar to those of a major selection process, in that, the process is competitive and the most qualified firm (including cost and other factors) will be awarded the contract.

The pool of Professional Consultants for each of these routine contracts will be selected using a computer-generated list of DPMC pre-qualified consultants. The computer will randomly select the firms that will be requested to submit technical and fee proposals. The selected firms will be notified by the DPMC with instructions for submitting a technical proposal and sealed fee proposal for the project. The selected consultants will be given a Scope of Work for the project, invited to attend a site visit (if necessary), and submit technical proposals based upon the Scope of Work.

All proposals will be independently evaluated by a Selection Committee comprised of using agency representatives and DPMC staff. Sealed fee proposals will also be submitted with the technical proposal. Each firms proposal will be evaluated, scored and ranked by the Selection Committee based on the pre-established evaluation criteria. All the sealed fee proposals will then be opened and reviewed. A final contract fee will be negotiated with the highest ranked firm at a fair and reasonable compensation as determined by the Selection Committee. If the Selection Committee is unable to negotiate a satisfactory fee with the highest ranked consultant, the Committee may terminate negotiations with that consultant and begin negotiations with the next highest ranked consultant. This process will continue until a successful agreement is reached.

If your firm wishes to be included in this selection process, it must have an active pre-qualification by the DPMC pre-qualification Unit at the time of the computer-generated short-listing process. If your firm is not presently pre-qualified and wishes to become pre-qualified, please submit a Professional Consultant Pre-qualification Application (DPMC Form 48A). You may also obtain a copy of the Professional Consultant Pre-qualification Application by calling 609-777-4561 during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

Last Updated: Monday, 03/23/20