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Unclaimed Property Administration

Holder Reimbursement

The New Jersey Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) will only accept Holder Reimbursement requests via email submission to

Email Filing Requirements:

  • All properties requested must be listed on the Holder Reimbursement Form (csv file format). The name of the reimbursement form file must include the Holder name and filing date.
  • The Holder must include in their email a signed letter providing the summary details (requested property count, total dollar amount requested) of the reimbursement request.
  • The email subject heading must include the Holder's name and state it is a reimbursement request. (Ex. Holder Reimbursement - ABC Corp.)

Data File Format:

There are five data columns on the reimbursement request form. The information provided for each property record must be identical to the information that was originally reported. Do not change the order of the columns or your request will be rejected.

Report Year (year the property was originally reported)

Amount (dollar amount requested in the reimbursement)

Account Number (if the property was reported with an account number, enter in this field)

Check Number (if the property was reported with a check number, enter in this field)

Date of Last Activity (as originally reported)

NJ Holder Reimbursement Form (csv)

Last Updated: Wednesday, 05/06/20