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Unclaimed Property Administration

Holder Reimbursement

The State of New Jersey Unclaimed Property Administration (UPA) is proud to announce an improved process for Unclaimed Property Holders to request reimbursement on previously escheated property. This electronic system will significantly reduce the processing time of Holder Reimbursement submissions. The system will allow Holders to provide a data file to the UPA that can be loaded directly into our claims processing software program. Properties in the data file that match properties escheated by the Holder in our database will be added to a new reimbursement request in the Holder’s name. If a Holder is requesting 20 or more properties for reimbursement, they are required to do so through this data file format.

Filing Requirements:

  • UPA requires that the reimbursement submission be emailed to help streamline the process.
  • The data file must be in csv format.
  • A letter outlining the details of the reimbursement request and an signed affidavit that includes the corporate seal from a corporate officer must be included in the email submission.
  • The data file name must include the Holder name and filing date.

Data File Formatting:

There are five columns of information that can be provided. The information on each column must be identical to the information that was originally reported for that particular property. Any deviations or exclusions could compromise the upload process and delay reimbursement. A sample data file can be viewed at the bottom of this page

Data File Property Details:

Column 1 – LastActivityDate (as originally reported)
Column 2 – Year (Report year the property was listed on)
Column 3 – Account (the account number or check number as originally reported)
Column 4 – OrigAmount (original dollar value reported)
Column 5 – ClaimAmount (amount of original value reported that is being claimed)

Requesting Reimbursement from a Reported Aggregate?

What is an Aggregate property?
Answer: An Aggregate property is when the Holder elects to combine individual properties into a single property for reporting purposes. The properties must be grouped under a specific property type code, and the value of each property must be under $50. The Holder is required to maintain the Aggregate’s individual property details in the event payment needs to be authorized by the Holder from the Aggregate.  Only certain property types can be combined into an Aggregate (see N.J.S.A. 46:30B-47).

Question: What does a company/Holder need to provide as proof when requesting a reimbursement from an Aggregate?
Answer: A letter, on the Holder company’s letterhead, that outlines the specific details of the individual property and the details (report year, dollar value, NAUPA code) of the reported Aggregate in which the property was included. Below is a sample Aggregate reimbursement letter.

The more information that is provided for each property you’re attempting to claim will increase the chances that the UPA successfully locates that property through this process.

Sample Aggregate Reimbursement Letter
Sample Holder Reimbursement CSV File
Manual Holder Reimbursement Form

Please email these electronic Holder Claims to:

Last Updated: Thursday, 01/31/19